Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Thoughts, 4th of July and Summer Craft Ideas!

Hey everyone!'s SUMMER!

How are you spending your days?

I just want to lie in bed, take long walks with the doggies, watch t.v shows, films and of course..go to the beach!

My fur babies are surely enjoying the walks and relaxed mood too. Here they are at a lovely seaside coffee shop we went to the other day..

Don't you just love the summer?

Getting to something teaching related..

I am preparing a pirates&mermaids math pack, but the hot weather is making me work slower...! I hope I'll have it ready soon, as I know many homeschoolers enjoy these activities and a number of parents asked me for more..please be patient!

In the meantime, I have revised the text in my 4th of July nonftiction story and I am in the process of adding activities and worksheets. If you are looking for an easy way to explain 4th of July to your kinders...look no further! You can check it out by clicking on the image below:

Everything in my TpT store will be on sale until Friday, including this one!

During the summer, crafts are sometimes the only thing the kiddos can concentrate on doing! You can go to my "Class Crafts" page here for some ideas. Crafts are categorized by season!

For free printables and more summer crafts, have a look at my "Summer Ideas and  Crafts" pinterest board (click below!):

Happy 4th of July!

                                                                                     Dina - The Constant Kindergartener