Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 Things about This Kindergarten Teacher's Summer!

Hey everyone!

I have been refusing to write this end-of-the-summer blog post for...well, too long! Teaching is an amazing job, but who doesn't love the summer..?

Labor Day is behind us and it is back to school time for everyone. However, I won't let go of my summer memories so fast! are 5 things about my summer and I would love to read all about yours in the comments!

1. After 3 years of not being able to travel anywhere but our..balcony during the summer (due to financial difficulties), we finally managed to save enough for a trip to Italy! Italy is my favorite country to travel to and..the only foreign country I have ever been to. A pic I took from a very tall tower we went on:

City of Verona

2. I love pizza so I ate a lot..! I'm a diet coke addict too ( and then diet coke..Lol!)

3. Ice cream was amazing..!

4. My dogs are members of my family and I NEVER go anywhere without them, so of course they were with me. They explored a lot! Italian shops and restaurants are so dog friendly, that they let us inside almost everywhere.

5. I couldn't have left there, without buying one or two picture books..even though I don't speak or read Italian..I could not resist!

                                 What kindergarten teacher could resist a pop-up book? Hehe!


                                                              ...a book about crafts?

Not me for sure..!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I will be back with posts with teaching ideas and resources for your classroom or home.

Happy September and I wish us all a happy and safe teaching time this year!