Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just started!


Hey everyone! 

After giving it some thought and after some encouragement I got from colleagues&friends , I decided to create this blog to share my suggestions and creations for the kindergarten -3rd grade classroom.

I have a university degree in early childhood education and have been working as a kindergarten teacher for 6 years now. I enjoy creating literacy, math and age appropriate informational text units for prek - 3rd grade. Since I love picture books, I try to turn everything into a fun engaging story! I aspire to create the books and resources that I would buy and use in class myself.

Crafts and craftivities are my favorite things to do in class (&at home!) and I always see such excitement from the kiddos! I love trying new creative ideas and materials to support my lesson plans. I will be posting a lot of those here, on my "Class Crafts" page.

I am also addicted to movies and T.V shows! I've watched almost everything there is. This blog's name was actually inspired by a movie title (which was first a book, no conspiracy theories here though! Haha!) and created with these in mind..

You can keep up with updates on resources by following this blog,
 PLUS you can check out these freebies !


                      Dina - The Constant Kindergartener

*Funny clipart of me with my two spaniels as human babies!  

This is them at the beach..!

P.S  I love dogs!

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