Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All about fall! A picture book - reader, worksheets and activities for kindergarten and first grade!

Hey everyone!

It seems like time flies and it's already fall..!

Kiddos definitely observe the changes in nature and in the weather. They also get very excited about upcoming holidays and events!

These facts inspired me to write a little reader -  story for young learners. Every time I read similar picture books to my classroom, (about the seasons and their special days like Halloween, Veterans Day etc), I see how excited and interested the children are in finding out one thing: "What's next for us all?!"

A preview of the story:

(I thought it would be more fun to make a mouse the protagonist of the story. So I came up with..Martin the mouse!)

I also added common core aligned worksheets, graphic organizers, venn diagrams and a special fall craftivity (template included).

You can check this out by following the link below:

Happy fall and I hope you are having a smooth back to school time!


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