Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chocolate Social Studies History and Science Pre-K and Kindergarten!

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New book on the block! The story of chocolate in a simple and comprehensive way for children in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. It discusses the origins of chocolate (from the Mayas to the present day) and the science of how it is made (from pod to chocolate). 

You can use this book in the reading/literacy center, as an emergent reader, read aloud or for group reading. It is also appropriate for a great (hi)story sequence activity.

You can print it or use with your laptop or projector in class.

Vocabulary Info: cacao vs. cocoa (official definitions)

Cacao: pronounced Ka-Kow. Refers to the tree, its pods and the beans inside.

Cocoa: pronounced Koh-Koh. Refers to two by-products of the cacao bean – cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Both are extracted from the bean when it is processed in the factory.

This e-book also includes a number of fun and engaging worksheets and activities!

A Preview:

You can check it out by following the link below:

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  1. Hello. I am really interested in buying this download of the chocolate story book you've blogged about, but I have tried to sign up to teachers pay teachers twice now to no avail. It seems to go though okay, I get my confirmation email but then it doesn't recognise my password or username. Any advice? It looks like a great book! Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hello Katie! I just saw a download with your username at my shop on teachers pay teachers. I guess you logged in successfully! I hope you are happy with the book and the worksheets. I am looking forward for some feedback from you! Have fun in class or at home :)