Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Memorial Day Social Studies - History Unit for children in Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

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Spring is now definitely here and summer is on its way..! 

I have been working on a Memorial Day history unit for kindergarten and 1st-grade for those of us who will still be at school, teach about it earlier, or want to celebrate at home. It contains a story (informational/anchor text) and craftivities to help the children remember, practice writing, and better comprehend what Memorial Day is about. Also includes common core worksheets, graphic organizers, and special Memorial Day crafts.

Important facts and figures in the non-fiction story:
-The Civil War
- Slavery
- Decoration Day/Memorial Day
- Memorial Day Traditions
- “In Flanders Fields” Poem History
- General John Logan
- President Ulysses S. Grant
- President Lyndon B. Johnson
- Moina Michael
- General John McCrae

The story is in color while the craftivities templates and worksheets are b/w (ink friendly).

                                                                   A preview:

 You can see more details about this resource by following the link below:

Hope you enjoy this in class or at home!

Think..summer thoughts!😉

P.S This resource has now over a hundred excellent ratings from fellow kindergarten-3rd grade educators! Thank you, everyone 😊

                                                                              Dina - The Constant Kindergartener

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