Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Father's Day - Story and a Special Gift Book for Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

Hey everyone! 

The school year is not over for many of us so..hang in there! 

I have been thinking a lot about creating something unique for Father's Day. What I came up with, was a Father's Day little fiction story (reader/read aloud) with a fun activity to go along with it! "My Special Dad" is about the everyday life of a dad and his daughter. While reading, the kiddos try to imagine how this dad looks and attempt to draw a portrait of him, before the story ends. The way he looks is not revealed until the last page of the book (spoiler: He is a funny monster dad!). Physical characteristics of the special dad are presented, one page at a time.

I have also included some fun worksheets AND a special Father's Day Paper Bag Gift Book! (templates included).

A  preview:

You can check this out by following the link below:

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Hope you enjoy this in class or at home!

                                                 Dina - The Constant Kindergartener

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