Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back To School - Fairy-Tale Classroom Decorations, Crafts, Alphabet and Number Lines, First-Day Activities and more.

Hey, everyone! 

Seems like the summer is flying by and for some of us it is back to school time 😅

This year, inspired by a very popular fairy-tale project we did, I decided to create a back-to-school "knights and princesses" packet. A fairy-tale themed classroom is an all-time favorite of teachers and kiddos. It is also a theme children recognize and can relate to which helps to break the ice during those first days of school. I included classroom decorations and essentials like alphabet and number lines plus a lot of fun first-day activities and crafts. 

You can see a preview below:

For more details about the contents you can follow this link:

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                                        Dina - The Constant Kindergartener

P.S. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback for this packet by fellow educators..thank you! 😊😊

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