Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apples and Johnny Appleseed! Social Studies - History and Science for Kindergarten to Second Grade.

Hey everyone! 

It is that time of the year..all about apples time!

It is a great subject for every classroom. You can teach science, literacy, math and of course about Johnny Appleseed!

This is one of my favorite subjects, so I wrote a simple and comprehensive text about Johnny Appleseed and added cute kiddo-friendly illustrations.

The cover

Although Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) was real, many of the stories connected to him are myths. In the anchor text I wrote about him, I tried to be as close to reality as possible without taking away some fun parts, which the children enjoy. 

A separate science/facts booklet, called "All about Apples" with Johnny Appleseed as the narrator, is also included.

All of this unit's contents (94 pages) : 

- Common core ELA worksheets 
- Math with apples 
- Geography activity 
- Science worksheets
- Graphic organizers
- The letter A,a (tracing&worksheets)
- 2 posters about apples (Parts of an apple, apple tree life cycle)
- Unique templates for 2 craftivities (Johnny Appleseed and apple tree life cycle)

To see more details about this packet follow the link below:

Hope you enjoy it in class or at home!

                                                                                 Dina - The Constant Kindergartener

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