Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013@Home!

Hey everyone!
Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and a great winter break! Teachers deserve a good rest and some fun before going back to class so..recharge your batteries!!

This year, we are spending our holidays at home with family and friends. So far, we are having a blast!

We chose a white Christmas tree and decorated it with blue and silver ornaments. 
(Background painting: We are obviously fans of Gustav Klimt's art! Hehe!)

One of our good friends, who knows a lot about sewing, brought us some custom made ornaments which I LOVED! I went crazy when I saw them!

One for us:

                                One for our female spaniel Joy - love the little bone shape!

And one for our male spaniel Danni! 
I guess it's obvious we love our fur kids!

Here they are all dolled up and ready for winter! :D

My friend's lovely knitting blog!  Dizzy Button

I hope you are having a great time this Christmas on your winter break too!

I am getting to something teaching related! Last year, I prepared this New Year's social studies-history unit for children in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. The pack includes ELA and math worksheets plus craftivities to help the little ones understand the concept of the year changing. I will soon be updating this with a lot of new activities.

A preview of the unit:

You can check it out it by following the link below:

That's it from us!

...Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!

                                                                                    Dina- The Constant Kindergartener

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