Class Crafts

*Crafts are categorized by season! 
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~Summer Crafts~

Sea urchins

How to: 
A ball out of clay, put toothpicks in, let it dry and then 
paint over the whole thing with black watercolor.
Easy, plus they look pretty real at the end..!
Kiddos and parents were very excited!


Paper plate sea turtles


Fabric octopus

How to: Put a crumpled piece of paper in an old fabric/sock. 
"Seal" it with a rubber band and then cut 8 legs.
Add googly eyes and fingerprint some "suckers"!


Balloon fish


~Spring Crafts~

The Solar System

After talking about the solar system all week, we decided to make solar systems with playdough and skewers. We glued them on black cardstock, which the children filled with fingerprint stars and galaxies!



We "rolled" one red cardstock and glued the ends together. The children fingerprinted black "spots" on. Then cut a round piece of black cardstock, glued googly eyes and antennas (pipe cleaners),  some white chalk for the nose and mouth and..done!


All About Bees

Bees and beehive craft this week! Bees were a bit tricky to make but..we did it! They are made of clay, pipe cleaner and white cardstock (wings). We printed the beehive on yellow cardstock, cut and then glued it on an A4 black cardstock.


An all time favorite of mine since I was a university student.
Clothespin and tissue paper butterflies with colorful sequins!

Spring fences

How to: 6 popsicle sticks for each student and printed 
flowers and bugs patterns to cut and glue on. 
The kiddos loved it!


Easter cards

Super easy easter cards! The "eggs" were pre-made (bought from the crafts store). 
We printed the chicks on yellow cardstock and put brads to connect "hands" and "feet"! I got the chick template from an awesome Italian website: .
Chicks templates


Mardi Gras - Harlequins

I printed a harlequin pattern (on white cardstock) and the children cut small pieces from old fabrics we had in class, added googly eyes and this is what happened! I took the pic with my mobile phone..wish I had a better one! 

Mardi Gras - Masks

One simple mask pattern (cardstock) + watercolors + glue + sequins = 
super Mardi Gras masks!


Spring Flowers

3-D spring flowers "paintings"! We made the flowers of pipe cleaners and flower patterns (printed on cardstock). The kiddos put it all together and I helped a bit with the bows :)


~Winter Crafts~

Valentine's Day 
"Valentine's" cards for the parents! We used cookie cutters to make some clay hearts to decorate the card. Painted them red with watercolors. We also found a beautiful angel printable to color and glue on the card. Here are some pics!

Painting the clay hearts!

Waiting for them to dry.

The finished card!

Transportation and Safety

This past week we have been talking about transportation and safety. Among other things (which I forgot to take a photo of..agh!) we made this simple traffic light. What I liked about the pattern, was that it had three little faces : a smiley one on the green light, an unsure one on the yellow and a sad one on the red light. 
Very good to get your point across to the little ones!

Hibernating Animals

We have been talking about hibernation and I was looking for a great idea for a bear craft. After some time online, I discovered this wonderful site with folding paper animals. 
A link for it :  First Palette.

We printed the bear pattern, colored, cut and put some googly eyes on! 

P.S That website has a ton of other lovely folding animals too! 

Paper plate penguins

Paper plates, googly eyes, black watercolor 
and orange little "mouths" (cardstock) is all you need!
Easy and cute!

Christmas Crafts (Part 2)

Clay trees-ornaments. This time children made them more "wavy" !

And some popsicle ornaments!


Christmas crafts (Part 1)

We were working on our Christmas crafts this week with my kiddos and they did great! We are planning to do more, but here are some of them.

Simple (clay) tree ornaments decorated with sequins!

Then, a clay tree candleholder. This took some effort from everyone, but I think it's one of those crafts that will be a keepsake from Kindergarten.

Also, some ornaments from styrofoam!

And a very easy Christmas card!

Christmas is such a creative time for Kindergarten! :D


  1. These look fantastic! I'm going to try the Christmas card with my Reception(Kindergarten) class. Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. Thank you!! Hope the Christmas card turns out great!