Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Gingerbread Man Story - For Pre-K and Kindergarten! A picture book, activities, worksheets, and crafts.

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I have just finished updating the Gingerbread Man story packet, by adding new fun activities for the kiddos! You have been leaving some amazing comments and feedback for this, thank you!

This traditional story has been told in many different ways. I rewrote this particular version to make it more age appropriate (4-6yrs) and easier to use in class.

The story is in color while the worksheets and crafts' templates are in black&white (ink friendly).

Story Summary:
The little old woman decides to make a gingerbread man for lunch. The gingerbread man escapes when the oven opens. While running, he meets a cow, a horse and a pig who want to eat him as well. He runs and meets a fox who tricks him and eventually eats him.

As odd as the story of the gingerbread man is, it has many important hidden meanings that can be discussed with the children. I have researched the meaning a lot and found many different versions as well as many different versions of the story.

Some interesting links to check out about the meaning:

This packet now includes:
- The Gingerbread Man Story - reader/read aloud for early grades
- Student's individual story book (color, cut&bind the pages!)
- 2 unique craftivities : Story wheel craft - retelling the Gingerbread Man story and a handprint craft/ornament "I got you Gingerbread Man!"
- Story response sheets
- ELA - common core worksheets
- Math worksheets
- Cut&Paste activities
- Tracing&printing words from the story 
- Writing papers for the children to use in projects at school or at home (Gingerbread Man themed)

A preview:

You can check this out by following the link below:

Hope you enjoy it at school or at home!

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