Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Vocabulary Cards with Reading Activity! For Pre-K and Kindergarten. FREE!

Hey everyone!

I've just finished creating a packet of 24 beautiful Halloween vocabulary flashcards and added 26 Halloween themed alphabet flashcards for you to use in class or at home. Together, they make a beginning sounds reading activity (Common Core,Reading:Foundational Skills). 

E.g.  P-Pumpkin, F-Frankenstein etc.

Vocabulary flashcards words : Bat, cat, ghost, pumpkin, mummy, spider, scarecrow, star, toad, vampire, witch, moon, Frankenstein, monsters, witch hat, witch boots, haunted house, headstone, pumpkin tree, spider web, Jack o' Lantern, candy corn, apple basket, happy haunting .

They are FREE!

A preview :
You can download these by following the link below:


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