Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Social Studies - History Pre-K and Kindergarten (Enriched with more art, math, and literacy!)

Hey everyone!

It's almost Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving story is told in every classroom and every home! This year, I rewrote it in a simple and comprehensive way, for children in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade. 

The book will help you to easily explain the history of the holiday to your kiddos. The cute age appropriate illustrations keep them interested till the end of the story. This packet also contains printables, worksheets, and crafts to help children learn and remember key facts about the first Thanksgiving.

You can use this in the reading/literacy center, as an emergent reader, for group reading, or as a read aloud. It is also appropriate for a great (hi)story sequence activity.

You can print it or use with your laptop, projector, or Ipad in class.

A Preview:

You can see more about this teaching resource by following the link below :
Thanksgiving Day Social Studies - History Pre-K and Kindergarten

Hope you enjoy this in class or at home!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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